Amer Jubran at demonstration in Washington D.C., 2001

This is the website of the Amer Jubran Defense Campaign. It was created in response to the illegitimate detention of Amer Jubran in May of 2014. Its purpose is to expose Amer’s arrest as a political silencing and to help build a campaign to win his freedom.

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July 16, 2014

On Monday May 5th, 2014, Amer Jubran was arrested by the secret intelligence agency of the Jordanian government, the Mukhabarat, in the middle of the night.  He was then held in secret detention by the General Intelligence Directorate for two months, under unknown conditions, without charges, and without a lawyer. In the first week of July he was moved to another prison to await trial before Jordan’s kangaroo State Security Court, with charges still unknown. Amer has an international reputation as an advocate for Palestinian rights. His arrest is the result of intelligence cooperation between Jordan, the United States, and Israel in their attempt to silence dissent and eliminate political support for resistance to the American-Zionist project in the region.

Amer is a Palestinian political activist who opposed the war-making policies of the United States and Israel during his eighteen year residence in the United States. Shortly after September 2001 he was harassed by US  authorities, detained, and finally pushed out of the country (see this history here ) . He returned to Jordan, his first country of exile, in 2004. This latest arrest is a continuation of the political repression Amer experienced in the United States.

Update: August 9, 2015

A petition against arbitrary detention was filed on Amer’s behalf with the OHCHR on July 2, 2014 by the Geneva based human rights organization Al-Karama. On July 8, 2014 the Amer Jubran Defense Campaign sent an open letter to the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Elect, Prince Zeid Ra’ad Zeid Al Hussein, with the endorsement of the National Lawyers Guild (Palestine Subcommittee) and the Defending Dissent Foundation.
In August 2014, Amer was finally given the charges against him — a list of “terrorism” offenses accusing him of planning armed actions in coordination with Hizballah against Israel and against US forces stationed in Jordan. The bulk of the “evidence” consisted of false confessions coerced from others. Amer himself made it clear that all of the charges were false and politically motivated. Amer was also charged  with “harming relations with a foreign government,” an “anti-terrorism” law that was enacted a month after his detention, and which is so vague that it criminalizes as “terrorism” a broad range of political activities including journalism.

On Wednesday, July 29, 2015 Amer Jubran was sentenced by Jordan’s State Security Court along with 8 other defendants. The rest of the defendants were given sentences of 2-3 years; for his refusal to cooperate, he was singled out for excessive punishment, and given a 15 year sentence (reduced by his lawyers to 10 years).

He was able to get a call out of the prison where he is being held in Jordan to make a statement about his trial and sentencing.  An audio recording is available at the following link:


We include a full transcript below:

“Last Wednesday on July 29, 2015, I was issued a verdict of 15 years in prison which was reduced to 10 years later. This verdict was issued by a military court, a martial tribunal court made of three judges. The trial lasted for about 1 year and over thirty sessions, through which my legal defense team has proven beyond doubt false charges of terrorism. There were 10 charges and our defense amounted to zero effect on the outcome of that trial, as I was given a maximum punishment, while everybody else in the group were given 2-3 year sentences. It is clear that I am being targeted as a person, and such decisions had completely put aside law and justice and replaced that with politics and vengeance.

During the interrogation period, I was told by the GID that any decision made about me is involving (quote) ‘our American and Israeli friends’ (end-quote). All started when I refused to be a sell-out and work against the Lebanese resistance. I was told then that I will be sent behind the sun for such a refusal. And frankly it is very easy for me to disappear behind the sun rather than to be well outside but a sell-out and traitor.

Please use this information to spread to everyone among our activist media who are interested. Especially media that is pro-resistance in Lebanon. And anybody you think is worthy to take this information to. Also please tell my love and my respect to everybody who stood by me among our friends and brothers and sisters where you are. And I thank you deeply from my heart and please do not forget Palestine.”

In conversation, Amer further clarified that all 10 of the original charges were disproved by his defense team, but a new charge was manufactured at the time of the verdict. He also clarified that his refusal to be a “sell-out and work against the Lebanese resistance” was a refusal to work as an infiltrator and informant.

On August 3, 2015, the Amer Jubran Defense Campaign sent a second open letter to the High Commissioner for Human Rights, demanding an independent review of Amer’s trial and the flagrant violations of human rights involved in his imprisonment. The letter has since been endorsed by the National Lawyers Guild.

It has been clear from the outset that Amer was targeted for his activism and political speech on behalf of Palestine. The lengthy proceedings before the State Security Court were a sham trial, before a court with no political independence, acting as a rubber-stamp for the GID (General Intelligence Directorate).

Amer’s statement confirms what many of us have suspected from the beginning: his arrest and detention–and now his sentencing to 10 years of imprisonment–have taken place in coordination with the US and Israel.



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